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My father was a preacher. My mother was a music teacher. Mom taught piano and voice. In 1946, at the age of 9, I began singing on a radio program out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, called “Children’s Bible Hour” with Aunt Bertha and all the happy kids. I was one of the happy kids.This was the beginning of a music ministry that has taken me all across America and to many countries around the world.

In 1954 I was invited to sing for the Cecil Todd evangelistic association. In 1964 this team established the “Revival Fires” ministries which included giant Tent Revivals, Auditorium Crusades, and a television program which was seen weekly on about 150 TV stations. In 1992, we were invited to share in a Revival Fires Crusade in Moscow, Russia. During that Crusade we met a 3 star General who asked us to help him get Bibles for his troops. At that time there were over 2 million people in the Russian military. We accepted the challenge and this was the beginning of our Bibles for Russia outreach.

As you may know, in 1917, the Country of Russia was taken over by the Communists. One of the first things the communists did after the takeover was to close all of the Churches, and take the Bibles away from the people, and from 1917 until 1991, it was against the law to go to Church or to own a Bible in Russia.

When Judy and I came to that first Crusade in Moscow in 1992 at the invitation of Revival Fires, and we saw the tremendous need for Bibles in that nation, we made a promise to GOD. We said, LORD, when we get back home to America, we will go out to the Churches, and we tell the people about the need for Bibles, and we will ask the people to contribute to help provide those Bibles. And I am happy to tell you that because of the concern and the generosity of Christian Friends, concerned Churches, and fellow ministries we, along with Revival Fires, have been able to help provide over 4 million Bibles to the people of Russia. Over 2 million have gone to the military people of Russia, and another 2 million to the general public.
In the spring of 2007, Judy and I were introduced to another opportunity of ministry and service. We saw a program on television called “Feed The Children” where people were providing food to the hungry, homeless, and distressed. As we watched that program, we both were touched with the idea of trying to raise enough separate income so that once a year we could provide a SEMI TRUCK LOAD to the needy. After discussing the opportunity with many friends, and spending lots of time in prayer, we found a faith based ministry in Michigan (H.E.H.) that had been receiving and delivering food to the needy for over 20 years, and were able to partner with them. Our first truckload went to the Kiamichi Christian mission in Oklahoma. We took 42,000 pounds of food in that first load!! In less than 1 week our phone was ringing and people were asking for food. We have also been able to partner with IDES to provide help in times of disaster. Jointly with HEH, IDES, and the support of God’s people we have been able to help provide several million meals to people in need.